My Personal Journey in Photography
Tuesday, October 04, 2016
By Sarenae Photography

I have this urge to write about how far I have come and why.  Years ago when I started learning photography, I had a beginner mindset and I photographed moments as they happened.  I didn't worry about the "rules of photography".  I just shot and I never criticized my images.  After some time, I began to see the mistakes in my work.  So I wanted to learn the craft.  I wanted to practice shooting until I got it right.  I joined a network of wonderful photographers and learned to receive constructive criticism.  Through trial and error, I began to grow in my creativity.  The more knowledge I gain the more humble I become.  Looking back, my experience has taught me that I will never arrive at a destination.  I will always remain teachable and continue learning.  I will always have the student mindset however, I found that I truly enjoy teaching others what I have learned.  Mentoring has become another passion of mine and I learn more from giving back. 

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Nicole Zukowski - Hi Sarah,
You took family pictures for me for my in-laws 50th anniversary in June of 2015 (and did a lovely job!) I'm interested in mentoring services. I love photography and have attempted manual mode but I know my pictures are missing something and I still have some problems with the technical side. I would be interested in hearing about mentoring services . Thank you! Hope you are well.

Nicole Zukowski