South Hills Photographer
Tuesday, July 26, 2016
By Sarenae Photography

As July comes to an end, I am brainstorming session ideas for my daughter, Taylor. This summer has gone by so quickly.  I have to admit, I absolutely love summer with my daughter.  I am dreading back to school as much as she is.  I love the smell of summer mornings and watching the late sunsets.  I look forward to swimming, laying in the sun and roasting marshmallows.  We take walks, explore nature and play in the creek. And some days, we just stay home and watch a movie. 

This summer has been quite a challenge for me.  I am back in school (continuing my education) and running a business.  My schedule is pretty booked and I am working to find balance.  Some days are good, some days...not so much however, I promised I would enjoy this summer.  So far I have cherished every minute of it. 

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